NAIB cosplay is a proud participant of the following conventions.

Technically only open by invitation only, though we generally let applicants attend. Please contact us beforehand though, we cant have too many people showing up, and know that we will kick you out for misbehaving. Also note, no hentai or even most ecchi will be allowed. We watch a full season of a different anime, preferably one that isnt something everyones seen. Besides watching anime, we normally fool around a bit too, doing stuff like playing games, watching YouTube/NicoNico videos, etc. Outside of meetings we have larger events, and this year they include holiday parties, costume parties, a game party.

Applicants to the Anime club seeks to explore and educate about the art of anime as well through weekly screenings and casual discussion. We watch a variety of shows from mainstream to art house to feature film anime, usually curated/provided by members of the club itself.

Watching different anime shows as well as playing some games, trading manga, and of course going to Anime Conventions!

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